NCIA’s undeniable role in the success of Pangkor Dialogue

Not many people outside the circles of IDR knows the journey of Pangkor Dialogue—from an idea that lights up like a light bulb into a prestigious, international event it is known for today. The dialogue is based on the workings of our Menteri Besar’s intricate mind and IDR, as the state’s public policy think tank, was tasked to design, build and execute the idea of hosting an international conference in Perak. It was certainly a journey filled with many lessons for IDR and for me, once the COO and currently as the CEO of IDR. The biggest lesson we learnt along the way is the importance of fostering relationships and building trust with key stakeholders in order to achieve the goal. After all, I believe our interest to serve the state and fulfill the aspirations of the Menteri Besar are shared by all relevant agencies in the state and national level.

At the very beginning of our journey, we face a mountainous challenge that opens our eyes to the importance of building relationships. At IDR, we had this idea of gathering the brightest minds in the state for them to discuss on various issues that affects the state and the country in general. We believe the issues at hand are pertinent towards the improvement of the quality of life for our society and the development of our nation in all aspects. The first installment of Pangkor Dialogue was then known as Pangkor International Development Dialogue and was held at a small, humble venue. Thankfully, due to IDR’s positive relationship with academicians and universities, especially Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), we managed to secure the right experts who went to share their valuable insights with the attendees.

Looking back at the beginnings of Pangkor Dialogue truly humbles me. I realized everything that’s worthwhile will take a long time. It is IDR’s duty as the organizer to continue polishing and improving on our deliverables with every installment of Pangkor Dialogue. However, without the strong support of our strategic partners, in this case, I would rather call them, friends, we would never be able to bring Pangkor Dialogue to a greater height.

The Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) has been with us from the very beginning. It was through NCIA’s support that IDR is able to organize Pangkor Dialogue at a prestigious location such as Casuarina @ Meru and bring a splash of glamour to our conference. NCIA’s influence as national implementation agency of economic developments in the northern region helped increase Pangkor Dialogue’s influence as the one place to be for all key stakeholders and industry players in all the four states of Perak, Kedah, Perlis and Pulau Pinang.

Before NCIA decided to be on board this journey, I remember the time we approached various potential sponsors and partners to be a part of Pangkor Dialogue. Yet none believed in us the way NCIA did. To that, I express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Chief Executive Officer of NCIA, Dato Redza Rafiq. Truly, IDR has found a partner in you and we hope that together we can continue building Pangkor Dialogue to an even greater height.

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